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Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP)

MPI - Wine Standards Management PlanIf you intend to make any wine for trade or retail sale, including export, then under the Wine Act 2003, you must register your Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) with Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) before you start to make any wine. Most winemakers must operate under a WSMP, if any or all the following processes or actions - from the receipt of commodities, such as grapes, fruit, vegetables or honey, through to the storage, dispatch of packaged and labelled wine - must operate to a WSMP, which must be verified annually.

Verification requires confirming that winemakers are following their registered WSMP’s, and this is carried out by recognized verifiers.

WAI is a recognised company and has recognised personal who are registered with MPI.

WAI's organisational chart for the Wine Standard Management Plan (WSMP)

WSMP Organisational Chart

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