Real Time Environmental Monitoring

Water and Atmosphere Information Ltd. (WAI)

NZ Site Map Tony RobinsonWAI was founded in 1996 by Tony Robinson who has 31 years experience in all aspects of water monitoring, in particular spending the last 5 years developing "real-time" Telemetered Water Quality systems.

Central to WAI’s business philosophy is the formation of strategic alliances and joint ventures with significant companies whose skills and capabilities enhance the company’s ability to deliver services to its existing and prospective markets.

All activities carried out by WAI are tested against the Mission Statement: To be the leading provider of “real-time” Water and Atmosphere Information, within New Zealand and environs.

WAI specialises in monitoring of Water Quality for the these markets:

  • Water Resources
  • Fishing
  • Aqua culture

WAI’s services are supported by a fully developed infrastructure of:

  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Quality Control
  • Technology Transfer
  • Customer Support

WAI’s services are supported by a fully developed infrastructure of:

  • Deployment of single water quality sensors
  • Research
  • Design and installation of multi-parameter monitoring networks
  • Automated “real-time” monitoring, report generation and notification by Fax, Mobile Note, Email or Internet.

How can WAI help?

WAI is able to offer Solutions to Problems that once overcome will enhance the customers business.
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